Blessed to Bless

I have heard it said a thousand times, plus one, "We are Blessed to Bless others! Give, share, and help others, etc." This is the way, especially as a Christ Follower (Christian), we should live. But it wasn't until this morning that it hit me right square in the face and I understood it completely. OUR (YOUR) LIFE REALLY DOES MATTER! We are here to make a difference in whatever way we can. Small or big, it doesn't matter ... just do what you can, when you can for who you can!

I realized this morning that God blesses us for many different reasons. Sometimes it may be for our own benefit or pleasure, but many more times I thinks it's so we can be a blessing to others. And let's just be straight here, sometimes we are obedient to what God is asking of us, sometimes we are not. So for every story I have for you where I have obeyed, I have another story when I missed it, so lest I be elevated in your eyes!

We live in a nice home, it's nice but modest ... there are smaller and there are bigger ... it's relative I suppose. It is a 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 baths, with a 2 car garage. We live in a neighborhood and our house is one of 5 models ... so every 5th house looks a lot like ours. I could spit from my porch and hit my next door neighbor's house, or come real close (I can spit pretty good!). We live less than a mile from where our kids go to school. We are blessed!

There have been times I thought we ought to downsize, "we don't need all this space" I'd grumble to my wife. But about that time we'd have a friend or family member who has hit a rough patch in life and we've been able to help them by giving them a place to stay along with moral support. Our 4th bedroom is currently refuge to a single mother and her two children. We are blessed to bless!

  • Because God has blessed us with a house with a "Guest Room" we could help a family in need.

  • Because God has blessed our marriage, we have been able to help others with their marriage.

  • Because God has blessed us with health, we can work.

  • Because God has blessed us with wisdom, we teach.

  • Because God has blessed us with friends, we can be a friend.

  • Because God has given us people to help us through the years, we now help others.

I have come to believe that whatever we have, or whatever we do, who we are, and whatever talent we may have been given is for the purpose of HELPING and SERVING others. Let's not live selfish small lives! Let's live like Jesus lived ... Matthew 20:28 "...just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."