The Perfect Guy

It goes without saying, though I am going to say it, "There are no perfect guys." And here is even better news, you aren't perfect so, we're all good. Ha ha! No one is perfect, though isn't that what we often look for in others, and don't want them looking for the same thing when they meet us?

I do a lot of Relationship Counseling (pre-marital, dating, date doctor, marital, etc.) or what I like to call Relationship Coaching, seems to be the word we use in this day and age. I guess it sounds cooler! Or at least it sound better to say, "I am meeting with my relationship coach" than, "I am meeting with my counselor, or physiatrist." Either way, it's all pretty much the same thing and vitally important.

If I was overweight I would seek out a trainer to help coach me so I could reach my goals and if I was sick I would seek the help of a nutritionist or doctor to help me get well ... it's the same for the emotions, sometimes it helps to get someone to give us a little nudge in the right direction. Everyone needs that from time to time.

Side Note: If you ever need that "NUDGE" in your relationship I'd love to help anyway I can ... I do a lot of SKYPE coaching these days, as well as live and in person, so if you need that, give me a call (913) 390-1200, or email, and we'll set it up.

The Perfect Guy

Here is something I have said for years, maybe I got it from someone, I don't know; It's not so much about finding the right person as it is about being the right person. I believe this to be very true. I see so many singles who LOSE THEMSELVES in a relationship. And those relationships typically always go bad. Ya know the ones; where the minute your girlfriend starts dating the guy pretty soon you never see her or hear from her again.

I think and believe you should FIND YOURSELF in a relationship. Truly, you know you have found the right person when you are a BETTER you when you are with them, or rather because of them. If they bring out the worst in you, run away fast! Seriously! If they pull you away from what you love, what you value, your friends, I can tell you without even meeting the person, he is the wrong one! Period! Save yourself from later pain and heartache, just walk away.

One of the biggest issues I see in relationships, especially broken ones, is un-dealt with brokenness. Meaning, someone has so many issues they have not properly dealt with, in a healthy way, and it's causing issues between the two people. Let's be honest, we all have issues! BUT, they are only harmful when they are left to themselves to ruin our lives.

So people feel like it's all okay if you just try and forget about it, or bury it, or just don't talk about it. Nope! That's the worst thing you can do with an issue in your life! I am rambling ... okay so here is how you find the perfect guy ... work on being the perfect girl and the perfect guy will come running for you! Be worth the catch!