Living Homeless

I know I know, it's not that challenging to live homeless for 24 hours! I get it! And no one has ever teased me that I am trying to make it seem to be challenging! Thankfully. Because the reality is that it's rather easy, though the tough part, for me, is to be away from my family, my friends, technology, work, my pillow-top mattress and my wife's home cooking.

Last year the temperature did drop to 27 degrees over night, now that was challenging! I froze my butt off! I couldn't get warm. But this year it supposed to stay around the 50's or so, or pretty close, so we should be fine. We normally walk about 15 - 20 miles which isn't so bad, though the backpack gets a bit uncomfortable. Last year in an attempt to keep my feet warm I wore hiking boots, and at mile 10 my feet were killing me. I actually had to call my wife to come bring me some tennis shoes to finish the journey, so glad I did that. My right foot was black and blue and hurt for a month.

So the BIG QUESTION I'm often asked is: Why do you do it?

That's a great question and the answer is simple: because I need to! I need to be reminded every year to be thankful for what I have, what I believe God has given me and it's not mine to be mine, but mine to share.

I think it's easy to forget, and easy to take for granted all we have. Really, compared to the rest of the world I would be considered rich, though I do not feel rich, especially living here in Kansas City. I would probably be placed in the "middle class" category, I suppose, and yet on one hand I feel very blessed and on the other hand feel almost poor. (just being honest here) I mean when my kid needs cleats for football I get up tight knowing I am going to spend $35 - $50 on a pair. I have friends who only get up tight when they buy a new driver for $800. I don't golf, and that is why, I wouldn't have a driver. Ha ha!

There is a huge difference between NEED and WANT. I personally have more than I need, and much of what I want, in reality. I realize I live in excess, and it embarrasses me. We're not extravagant and definitely don't have anything worth doing a write up in the KC Star over, thank God. But still when compared to the rest of the world who struggle for their next meal or a clean glass of water, we are rich. This is one reason our family is talking about downsizing this next year.

I believe everyone should live with the homeless one day a year like I do, it will change you, it will make you grateful! It has been a blessing each year and I am sure this year will be no different!