In preparations for the NEW series, SIMPLE LIFE, I am finding myself becoming more and more desperate for a real move of God, not only in my heart and life, but also those who attend Mercy Church and those who live in our great city. I sense such an apathy, even in me, and I don't like it. I think back to a day when I was so hungry and excited about God, I mean I couldn't get enough of His touch in my life. I am hungry for that contagious passion for God again. And I am pursuing it 100%!

I can't speak for others, or begin to judge whether other people are "desperate" for God or not, that's between them and God, He knows and they know the truth,  but I do sense a "take it or leave it" attitude in the world today, and it's extremely dis-heartening to say the least, especially as a pastor. I understand being busy, but too busy for God is too busy, and I am guilty!

MY PRAYER: God forgive me for my apathy and for allowing my life to become too cluttered with other lessor-things and allowing little things to rob me of the joy of my salvation. God, help me to pursue you with a reckless abandon!

I feel that more than ever we need GOD actively involved in our LIFE, every part of it! And I am asking God to move in my heart and in your heart ... you ready for something great to happen in your life? I hope so, cause I am praying and fasting for it!