Getting Along

Romans 12:18 
"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone."

One of the most difficult things in life is getting along with each other. Husbands and wives struggle, brothers and sisters’ struggle, parents and children struggle, friends struggle, roommates struggle, co-workers struggle, neighbors struggle, even people in God-loving churches struggle to get along.
I was once in a heated church staff meeting when the pastor stood up and screamed, “Can’t we all just get along here?” We all sat there and thought, “yea that would be nice! We are working for Jesus here!” Ha ha!  
So what’s the problem? Imperfect, insecure, selfish, broken people are the problem. We are all “that” person, though some more than others for sure. Let’s just be honest here, we all want to do what we want when we want, with whom we want to do it with and no one can tell us different. Not even God. I have had many conversations with people about, “what God would want in a given situation” and people get angry when you essentially say, “you can’t or shouldn’t be doing that.” Of course when it all falls apart because we didn’t do it God’s way we scream, “why God, why me?” And if we are going to struggle in getting along in all our earthly relationships it only makes since we’ll struggle in getting along with God.
I wish I had the answers in getting along, but I agree with Paul in the scripture above, all you can do is get along as much as it depends on you. I have personally been the problem in relationships not working out, but I also have been the one doing everything in my power to get along with someone to know avail. They were too insecure, too broken, and too selfish to humble themselves and live at peace.
There are essentially three types of people in the world:
1)      Easy People – these people you'll never have problems with. They are emotionally mature. They do their job and do it well. If they have an issue they come straight to you, talk to you, clear the air and get right back at the task at hand. They never gossip, or whisper behind your back. We all love these types of people! Great to work with. And we all pray for more people like this.

2)      Difficult People – these people have problems, but usually after gossiping they will eventually come talk to you after creating damage in the organization. They are immature emotionally. Kind of like a baby, they require extra care from time to time. These people are not as much fun because they often are a distraction to the work at hand, though at times they can, after you sift through all the crap, be helpful. I believe that with coaching these people can become more like the "easy person" in your life.

3)      Impossible People – these people only see problems but fail to realize they are the problem, they can’t be happy. Nothing is good enough in their little immature minds. They see everything as a problem. They see everything from a negative perspective. They are beyond help. Anything that's not their idea is a bad idea. They poison relationships from the inside out. The best thing is to get them out of your life.