A Pile Of Sand

This year while on vacation in Florida I made sandcastles most every day. It was so refreshing for me, almost theraputic really. I actually learned a lot about myself (what I like, what I am good at, and what I should be doing) and the journey of life we are all on in the process. And here is what I learned: each of our lives start out like a pile of sand, though very beautiful, with some TLC and some shapping could really be something to behold. Second, when we do what we are good at, or gifted at, life is a little sweeter and more fun, and there is more fruit or success associated with it. And thirdly, you must constantly refine and rework the sand to get it just right, at least in that moment, for that time.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the sandcastle I built from that pile of sand pictured above!