Today We Are Rich

Today We Are Rich by Tim Sanders is destined to become a self-help cult classic!

I found Tim’s book to not only be full of fun stories, but also chalked-full of new insightful thoughts and perspectives on positive thinking, daily disciplines, confident living, practical practices, happiness, being thankful, the difference between purpose and passion as well as where faith fits in to it all. Tim’s book is a fresh look at all things self-help. I have read most all the self-help classics, and often wondered if anyone would ever write one today that could even compare, Tim did it. And he didn’t just regurgitate those timeless truths from the greats, but rather gave a new spin that is forcing me to go back to read it a second time, and I don’t read books twice usually.

My copy of Today We Are Rich looks more like one of my kid’s coloring books from all the underlining and coloring I did in it! A lot of tweetable lines in Tim’s book!

So here’s the deal, whether you are on top of the world, or crouched at the bottom of the barrel in the fetal-position I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Today We Are Rich by Tim Sanders, I promise your life will be better for it, I know mine is.