Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Tight is for anyone desiring to mend the hurts that are keeping them from enjoying a full life together.

The premise is pretty straight forward and simple: stop worrying about your past, or your partners lack of whatever you feel is missing. Dr. Johnson says the trick to a long lasting, healthy, committed relationship starts with the understanding that codependency is a good thing, similarly to how a child relies on a parent for love and nurturing. Be open to your loved one's needs, and you'll reconnect naturally and lovingly.

If the process were as easy as it sounds however, Hold Me Tight wouldn't be needed, so the book goes into great detail as to how specifically lovers need to connect - via a series of seven conversations that will, she says, change your relationship with your partner forever.

Thankfully the book isn't preachy, judgmental or coming from negative-ville, and it flows well from one chapter to the next. It is beautifully written, touching, full of real-life stories and a joy to read. I found myself underling paragraphs because of how much Dr. Johnson's words resonated. I would recommend you have a highlighter and a journal handy to write it all down.

I have been married 17 years to the same woman and found the book very helpful in my relationship.  So it goes without saying that I highly recommend this book to everyone, coupled or otherwise, for relationship insight not easily found elsewhere.