Hanky Panky Reflections

I am looking back on the last 28 days, which was The Hanky Panky Challenge, and I am glad we not only issue the challenge to couples each year but also take the challenge. And it truly is a challenge, only people who haven't taken it would disagree ... who cares what they think, they don't know. Ha ha!

The Hanky Panky Challenge is so much more than just "sex," though that is what many think it is or want it to be, but it's more about Companionship, Connection, Intimacy, and ultimately about creating a more passionate relationship with your partner. I am a firm believer that LOVE is not a feeling (I almost added the word "just" before the "a feeling," but I couldn't because love is not a feeling, even though feelings are involved in love) love is so much more than that. Now, love creates a lot of strong feelings, absolutely! I have many great "feelings" about my spouse and for my spouse, but that is only a small part of the relationship we have, and I personally believe that the "feelings" we feel about and for one another is a result of our commitment to love each other.

In my line of work (Pastor/Teacher/Counselor) I encounter couple after couple who have, "lost that loving feeling" and they do not know what to do (I truly do sympathize,) and many times they walk away to look for that loving feeling with someone else. That is so heartbreaking, and so shallow. Now there are reasons people get divorced that are totally legitimate, but many are not, let's just be honest. Some of the things I've heard categorized as "irreconcilable differences" are lame. I believe that most things are reconcilable, especially with God's help. 
DISCLAIMER: I am not judging those who have been through a divorce! I have many wonderful friends who have gone through a divorce, and I was there to walk them through it. Divorce sucks, it hurts and it's no fun! Do not allow the things I am saying here to stir up guilt and condemnation in you over what is done and over with  This blog entry is for those who are currently married that I am trying to encourage to make their marriage work.