Your Best Life Later, Maybe

I was talking to a friend of mine who had just finished reading all the Self-Help books written by all the best Motivational Speakers and not too long after all that has was thrust into the worst year of his life (up to this point!) We were trying to find the humor in the midst of the sadness and we thought the title of this blog entry was not only funny, but painfully true at times!

Life can definitely throw us a curve ball! It's rather ironic that right now at Mercy Church we are in a study on the book of Job, speaking of problems, issues and suffering! Wow, Job went through it!

Please don't get me wrong, I am still an eternal optimist! And believe we should hope and pray for the best! Definitely! But the older I get, now just a mere 41, I am coming to understand that we don't always have the "Best Life Now" ... sometimes it's "Later, Maybe." I guess the real question is what is a "Best Life" anyway? Is it stuff? Healthy? Happiness? Money? Friends? Success? Family? Love?

I would imagine it's different for each person, but when I think of the message of Job is that happiness is not found in "things" but found in Trusting God in and through it all; the good the bad, the ugly and even in the indifferent.