Jesus and Halloween

I may get some hate mail on this one from the the Hyper-Religious types, but here I go!

I have celebrated Halloween all my life, and I was raised in a Christian home where I never heard my parents cuss, never saw them drink, smoke, chew or go with people who do (lol!) I was at church on Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, and any other time the doors were open. We loved Jesus, actually still love Jesus and we went trick or treating, and I loved it!

I honestly do not see why Christians (some, not all) get all up in a tizzy about it (yea, yea, pagan holiday ... whatever,) I've never sacrificed a cat, I haven't even been tempted to do that! I have never felt compelled to worship Satan, or do anything of the sort ... I just like the free candy and I like dressing up, since I can only do it once a year and not be looked at as a weirdo! I have seen, firsthand the kids whose parents don't let them celebrate Halloween ... they hate it! Of course the parents don't see it, but the kids miss out on a lot of fun, candy and social activity ... but I guess they won't be guilty of celebrating a pagan-satanic holiday either! Toss up I suppose!

I have to say I laugh when I get the sucker that's taped to a Religious Track, I shouldn't, but I do! Don't judge me for that, I am just being honest, and honesty is missing too much from Christian culture! 

Now, everyone has a right to do what they feel is right, no shame or judgment from me! I mean that, but this is my blog and I share my opinion ... if you don't like it, start your own blog!