I guess you don't realize how big a problem is until it happens to you, or your kid. My daughter has recently become the victim of Cyber-Bullying and it angers me that kids could be so hateful, mean, dirty, nasty and evil (or maybe just ignorant) to send texts like; "I hope you die," "I will punch you in the face," "I will put you in the hospital" and dropping the "F" bomb like it's the word "the."

I did a little research on this and I found out that it's taken very serious by the authorities when this kind of stuff happens ... like we could press charges. We aren't going to do that at this point, but I just wanted to post this so that parents will teach their children to A) Report this stuff to parents when it does happen, B) Never bully someone even by text, C) Report this to school authorites when it does happen, D) This kind of stuff really hurts people.

So all that said, parents please sit down with your kids and help them understand the importance of proper use of computers and cell phones.