Following God part 2 of 2

I personally feel that we complicate the whole "God's Will" and "Following God" thing. I am not saying it's just easy, but I think we over-think it too many times. At least I do on occasion.

Here are some simple straight-forward guidelines I follow that have proven to be very helpful:

1) If it's wrong, don't do it!

2) If it's right, you don't have to pray about it, just do it! (this isn't to mean that everything that is right or good is something that you are to be doing ... but you should be able to figure that out)

3) Seek wise counsel (the key word there is "wise")

4) If it's God today, it will be God tomorrow. (patience is a virtue)

5) Follow peace.

6) Life is a journey not a destination. (life has it's ups and downs ... roll with it)

7) Always ask God for guidance.

8) If it's questionable, don't do it.

9) If you are unsure, wait! (#4)

10) Ask yourself, "is this the wise thing to do?" and if it is, then do it.

In my over 41 years on this planet, 36 years that I have memories of (don't remember much before I was 5 years old) many, if not all the decisions I have had to make over my life thus far, have been pretty clear cut. I have made them difficult, or convoluted because the bad decisions I have made have made even easy decisions difficult because I had to dig myself out to see clearly.

Example: You steal something (bad decision) now the police are after you, so you run (another bad decision) you do whatever you need to do to get away (many bad decisions) then you lie to cover up (yet another bad decision) ... on and on it goes that your life is spiraling out of control.

I say, stop the cycle! Just stop, come clean, tell the truth, start making right choices right now, right where you are, and eventually those choices will begin to change your life.