Rock'em Sock'em

I remember playing the old Rock'em Sock'em Robots game! I loved that game!

I was reminded of the story of Joshua (told in the Old Testament book of Joshua) and how he had to fight for what God had given him. God had promised Abraham that his descendants would occupy the land of Canaan, the Promise Land. And many many years later Joshua stands just outside that land. It didn't just fall in his lap, he had to possess it, take it, fight for it. This reminds me of life. Sometimes in life we must fight for what God has promised us.

We must fight for our spouses, fight for our kids, fight for our jobs, fight for what is right! It's worth it!

I want to encourage you who may be tired and want to give up - Don't give up! Fight the fight of faith! Press onward and upward! God is with you! Ask Him to help you, He will!