Your Life Matters

This is true whether you feel like it's true or not. I have to remind myself of that often.

Life can sometimes wear you down, frustrate you and even make you a little crazy. That's normal from time to time to feel that way, I'm pretty sure we all have those feelings (days) on occasion; some more than others. But the question is; What do we do about it?

Should we just roll around in that fog, or give into the fear, the depression? I don't think so ... I don't think that does us any good, and it definitely doesn't help those around us. Now, don't get me wrong - don't lie about it, or hide. Here is the best way I've learned to handle those feelings:

1) Seek COUNSEL - Talk to a trusted friend. Of course talk to God about it! You got to be careful here that you don't just seem like a whiner-complainer-always-down-and-outer ... no one likes to be around those people ... unless they are one of them. I think it's important to be honest about how you feel.

2) TALK positive
- Some people are weird here, feeling that they must always say ONLY positive stuff. Those people annoy me, and I am a pretty positive guy. Sometimes it just seem fake, but I am willing to say that I am wrong in my judgment and that's just how they are ... God bless them. I do believe in the power of "positive talk" or what some call "positive confession." There is nothing worse than a "Negative talker," everything is always doom and gloom, end of the world as we know it type people. There is a balance here we should find. I do not believe in ignoring the issue and just making empty positive confessions, but when we are faced with negative emotions I encourage positive words to combat those emotions.

3) DO things that make you feel good - The opposite is true here as well; Don't do things that make you feel bad. This actually brings up an issue I teach on a lot and am passionate about and that is RIGHT LIVING. Nothing depresses us more than living wrong, doing wrong, living sinful lives. This, especially for a Christian, messes us up big time. I know when I have done wrong, told a lie, or looked at something I shouldn't have looked at, I feel terrible and I condemn myself, which I then feel even worse knowing that I have not measured up to God's standard.

4) KNOW that your life does matter - it doesn't matter how or what you feel. Know the truth: YOUR LIFE MATTERS! IT doesn't only matter to God (of course) but your life matters to those around you, and even those you don't know and haven't even met yet. Has anyone brought you comfort, joy, laughter, hope, love, a tear, passion, or forgiveness? Than tell them!

There are many voices out there today; our parent's voice, our boss' voice, our child's voice, our neighbor's voice, television's voice, computer's voice, pastor's voice, our friend's voice ... the voice that matters most is GOD'S VOICE and He doesn't make any mistakes; YOUR LIFE MATTERS!