Roll With It

I just returned home from my 2nd Annual Motorcycle Ride to Eureka Springs, Arkansas with 3 of my good friends (Brandon Hollis, Scott Sidebottom and Orin Borgelt.) We had an awesome time, though not without mishaps (no one hurt!)

Thankfully we didn't get rained on, amazing we just so happen to be either ahead of the rain, or behind it at all times ... crazy actually with all the clouds in the sky this week, but it all worked out.

Nothing in life is without incident though, the throttle cable on Brandon's bike actually snapped, but thankfully we were not in a remote part of Arkansas when it happened, and thank God for AAA. His bike ended up being towed to a great motorcycle repair shop YOUNG BLOOD'S MOTORCYCLE REPAIR in Harrison, Arkansas just off 7 HWY (870) 688-5381 ... which was only 18 miles from where we broke down, they fixed it and we were on our way in about an hour.

We made it back to our little lodging place in Eureka for a great night sleep and a great movie True Lies, the star is non-other than the Governor of California. Great acting ... cough, cough! Then woke up the next day for the ride home.

The ride home was beautiful, the roads were curvy, the weather was amazing! We stop in Baxter Springs, Kansas to eat at the Cafe on the Route and had the famous Nut Crusted Catfish with Fried Potato Salad and for dessert Fried Cheesecake ... wow! Amazing.

So we are just 30 minutes from home when my bike started choking on my, coughing and sputtering and spitting. Pulled off in the turnabouts Highway Patrol uses to radar ya ... and noticed that my External Air-filter had blown off, so air, and dust was flying right into my carburetor which isn't good. I couldn't get it started. We went back up the road a mile or two to see if we could find the filter ... no luck, it's like finding a needle in a hay stack essentially. Long story short my Dad came and picked me up, and I had Brandon and Orin go on, no point in waiting with me.

While I sat there just south of Louisburg on 69 HWY another Biker driving by stopped to hang out with me until me Dad arrive with the truck to tow me home. It was fun! My bike is fine, just needed carb cleaned out and a new filter put on.

Lesson Learned:

Life doesn't always go as planned, and when it doesn't just roll with it. The trip wasn't ruined just because we had some mishaps. Actually the mishaps have made for great conversations and memories. I also learned to make sure the air filter is on tight!