1 Timothy 6:6 "But godliness with contentment is great gain."

Dictionary: Contentment is the experience of satisfaction and being at ease in one's situation.

This is probably the hardest thing for me, to be content. I feel it is okay to "not be satisfied" but we should be content. And I often feel the tension of what I want, or where I want to be vs where I am, which isn't where I want to be ... at least how I had it in my mind. Then there is that famous quote "Enjoy the journey on your way to your destination" that rings in my head often, as it should.

Where we get it wrong is in a few areas I believe; 1) Our definition of "success" and 2) Knowing what really is important and then 3) Realizing that the journey is going to suck even when you arrive to your destination if you don't decide to enjoy it. And finally 4) Comparing ourselves with others.

1) Success - What is success in your mind? What does it look like, feel like, etc. This is what I really had to work on; deciding, or knowing, what is "success" for me ... I then realized, I was and am very successful. For me, loving God, having a wonderful wife, wonderful kids, our health, food to eat, roof over my head, a career I loved, and friends to share it all with ... that was and is success for me. All the other stuff are side issues.

2) Important - Once I defined this for me ... made all the difference.

3) Journey - what is the point if I am only going to be happy, or content "when I get there" wherever that is? The journey is the longest portion of life ... the destination is what we spend our life heading toward. So to enjoy the journey is to enjoy all of life.

4) Comparing - The thing is, I am not on "their" journey. I am on "my" journey ... so it doesn't matter about them, what they got, what they did, or where they are - it's about being where God wants me, doing what He wants me doing. I compare WAY TOO much!

Enjoy the Journey ... those around you will appreciate that so much more!