I still hold a very classic few on sexuality even though in our society today I may seem old fashion. I don't find following God's standards for sexuality to be "old fashion."

Let me start by saying that though I hold a classic view (Biblical view) for saving yourself till you are in a committed relationship (which I believe to be marriage) I was unable to keep my self pure until my wedding day. I wish I had been able to save myself for my one and only bride, though I do not live with regrets because what's done is done ... no point in crying over spilt milk.

So I guess this little blog entry is for 2 different groups of people - those who are still virgins, and those who were maybe a little wild in your younger days.


What can I say that you may have already been told by many others? I don't know. First, saving yourself for your spouse is God's Ideal ... meaning it's God's best. And if you care about living God's best life, then wait till you are married to have sex. Secondly, having sex with just anyone, even when you "think" you are in-love, just muddies-up the emotions of what you really feel towards someone. You actually will find yourself emotionally attached to someone that you normally wouldn't be attached too. Being physically involved with someone messes up your true feelings and can make you make some really stupid decisions that you will later regret! Trust me, I do know what I am talking about! Lastly, if someone really really loves you they will honor you and your commitment to remain pure ... if they disrespect that than just mark my words they will disrespect you in other ways later in the relationship - guaranteed!


Unfortunately, this was the life I chose to live from 17 to 20 years old and it took me many years to forgive myself for living so contrary to God's ideal for my life. I finally was able to forgive myself and receive God's love and forgiveness and not continue to punish myself for my past. This may sound corny, but you can become a virgin in your heart again. Okay, it does sound corny, but yet it's true. God can restore you heart and make you clean.

The great news about God is that He stands waiting to forgive us of our sins when we confess them, and turn from them.


Sex is a GIFT from God to a marriage! In my opinion it's the BEST gift! And we got some really cool stuff for our wedding, but none of them touched the gift that God gave us ... and it's a gift that keeps on giving, even after 15 years it's like it was just given to us ... never will it go out of date!

So, to the single person I challenge you to not be careless with the gift that you one day will give to your spouse ... cherish it, keep it ... don't share it with others ... your spouse will be so blessed if you do this.

To the married person, enjoy this gift with your spouse often!