The Rain

I love the rain. One of my favorite months of the year is April, and not just because I was born in April, but because of the April showers!

I love the rain for many reasons:

1) It's cleansing!
2) It's refreshing!
3) It's clean!
4) It's pure!
5) It reminds me that spring is here, and summer is coming!
6) It's nourishing!
7) My daughter likes it because it reminds her of God's love for us.
8) I love the sound!
9) It's peaceful, powerful, romantic and mysterious!
10) It's out of our control!
11) It's a great backdrop for reading!

I am sitting in a lawn chair in my backyard watching the kids play and the temperature has dropped by at least 20 degrees and a cold wind is coming in from the north and clouds are moving in and the sky is turning an eerie greenish color. I love the rain ... I love stormy weather!