Anyone Else Out There?

I have been asked on numerous occasions if I felt that there were aliens or anyone other than "us" living out there somewhere in the universe, or in another universe or solar system. And I definitely lean toward the idea that we are it as it pertains to intelligent life anywhere other than Earth. And there are several reasons I believe this:

1) In the creation Story when God created everything - the only intelligent things He created were Humans, Animals and Angels. There is no mention of any other intelligent life forms. i.e. Martians, Venetians, Jupiterians, etc.

*Obviously this does not mean that He didn't create other life and just didn't mention it in the Bible. I mean, let's be honest here! I do believe that it is possible there is life out there ... I just don't think there is.

2) There isn't any substantial proof of intelligent life on other planets. I am not a big UFO or Alien sighting person. I thinks it's all a hoax. I have a good friend who believes in that stuff, and I do not make fun of him for doing so, but i just don't believe it. I of course believe Unidentified Flying Objects ... have seen several myself, but I am sure someone who knows their plans could have cleared the air for me and said, "that's a 747 Timmy!"

3) Bible says God created everything that is, including Earth, Planets, the Heavens - Sun, Moon and the Stars ... why wouldn't He mention life else where? Maybe because He didn't create life else where.

The Bible is rather silent on the issue, so I am simply giving you my pastoral opinion - take it or leave it. I am not trying to change what you believe about it. I honestly don't think God cares whether you believe in Aliens or not. I do think the movie was great though!

Na Noo, Na Noo!