How to Change Your Life

We don't talk about Fasting all that much in the church these days, but we need it more than ever I believe. I know that I haven't taught extensively on the subject, unfortunately. And that is going to change for me, and Mercy Church. And there is one main reason: I want to see the hand of God working in my life, my families life and in the lives of those who attend Mercy Church.

Let's be just real honest here shall we, our lives left in our own hands can get off track pretty quick, and we need more than ever to be fully surrendered and submitted to God's leading in our lives. And there is no better time than right now.

I know that "fasting" can seem weird, or hyper-spiritual or even something that's only for the oober-fanatical-religious folks. It's not. It's something Jesus did, and even told His disciples that certain problems in our lives and others can only be resolved through prayer and FASTING.

So whoever you are, and wherever you are I encourage you to take a few days before Easter (April 4th) and give up some stuff - whether that is Food, Sugar, Coffee, TV, Etc. You decide. Then use that time to spend extra time with God.


Blessings to you as you follow Him!