The Year of Living Biblically

If I was asked (which I wasn't) to write a "praise for The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs" I would say this:

"The Year of Living Biblically is a facinating read for any student of religion or curious agnostic. A.J. Jacobs does a splendid job of melting himself into religious faith, while keeping a skeptical (writer's) eye open to report his experiences with more kindness and grace I have experience in my 20 years as a minister in the church. A must read, one of my new favorites!"

All that said, I do recommend you read this book ... I think A.J. gives a great perspective on "us" Christians and people of religious faith that can help us better understand not only ourselves but the people and the world around us.

I found myself laughing out loud about every 5 pages, like belly laughing at his witty comments about various things ... you'll just need to read it to laugh for yourself.


If I read the entire book for only one thing, the thing I found on page 327, then it's worth the read; A.J. Jacobs refers to this thing called "Cafeteria Christianity" ... again, just get the book and read it. But it is very profound and so true.

I hope that by reading The Year of Living Biblically will inspire you to be more gracious towards others and their spiritual journey and more compassionate in our relationship with God.

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