Timmy's 10 Chick-Flick Picks

I love a good movie, actually I love a bad movie, I just love movies! So if you are looking for a chick flick, here are my top 10!

1) Serendipity
2) Just Like Heaven
3) The Notebook
4) P.S. I Love You
5) Beauty and the Beast
6) Sabrina
7) How to Loose a Guy in Ten Days
8) My Big Fat Greek Wedding
9) Hitch
10) Shallow Hal

Here are a few more of my favorites ... it's hard to only pick ten, plus TOP TEN sounds better then TOP TWENTY SIX!

11) Enchanted
12) The Holiday
13) You’ve Got Mail
14) While You Were Sleeping
15) Failure to Launch
16) Sleepless in Seattle
17) French Kiss
18) The English Patient
19) Princess Bride
20) A Walk to Remember
21) Never Been Kissed
22) If Only
23) She’s All That
24) The Prince and Me
25) Bridget Jone’s Diary
26) Say Anything