Just One Bite

Not sure why, but I was thinking today about my craving for sweets and how ever-so-often after a Sunday service I will swing by the Coffee & Donut table to see if there are any leftovers. 99% of the time they are cleared out, but this past Sunday we didn't have the normal crowd due to the ice-sleet and rain we had that morning so I was in luck.

So here is my question; is there anything wrong with taking just a bite to satisfy the craving? That's all I did ... one bite and threw the rest away. And how does this translate or crossover in to other "cravings" we may have in life?

As I am writing I am thinking ... all at the same time ... and I would see a difference if the craving was "sinful" ... right? If I have a "craving" to steal, I shouldn't steal just a small item, right ... like stealing time by spending "time" on facebook while on the clock? Would that be considered sin? I guess only if the company has asked you not to... right?

Anyway, haven't thought this all the way through ... it just came to me and it made me pause and ask.

Please do share.