Hanky Panky Challenge - DAY THREE

It's so much more challenging to "connect everyday with your spouse" when you are so busy! Have you noticed that? Between running kids to practice, science fairs, vocal practice, friends houses, and work ... where do you find the time?

This is why we offer the Hanky Panky Challenge; connecting each and everyday with your spouse isn't going to just happen ... it must be intentional! Something we PLAN, and then EXECUTE!

Here is my two-cents on how to make sure you are connecting each and everyday:

1) REMOVE excess from your day
- TV time, facebook time, youtube time, etc. Each of those things are not bad in and of themselves, but when they take away from things that are more important, then it's a problem.

2) REPLACE wasted time with spouse time - Every couple must figure a way that works for them ... we are all different, there is no cookie-cutter approach to building strong relationships. We have a rule at our house; no computer stuff after 7PM ... it's family time from 7PM to 9PM. And we abide by that, then after we tuck the kids in bed we have time to talk (or whatever we want to do!)

3) PUT it in the calendar - put that special "connection" time in your calendar and do not let anything get in the way of that connection.

I hope that helps you ... please do share with us how the Hanky Panky Challenge is going for you and your spouse! God bless and Happy Hanky Panky!