Church Planting 201

There are a million things that affect church growth, and honestly you can have all these things in place and not get the same results as someone else may get; it’s unexplainable... yet they are important! (make sense of that? Lol!)

1) Solid Biblical Teaching – this is obvious since we are leading a “church” for Pete’s sake, but it’s very important to really be teaching life-changing & hope-filled principles from the Bible. And just what method you use is up to you. You can be a seeker-style church, or even a more churchy-style church … they all seem to have their nitch and it works for them.

2) Passionate Worship – To only have music for entertainment is missing it ... my opinion.

3) Solid Kid’s Ministry – There is no future without children's ministry.

4) Assimilation – Getting plugged into your church ... keeping guests.

5) Discipleship – Growing people.

6) Prayer – Without God's blessing on your church, forget it!

7) A Real Heart for People – Can't fake this!

8) Leadership – Leaders lead.

9) Community – whether this is small groups, sunday school classes or whatever you use to help build community and initiate spiritual growth.

10) Fun – If you aren't having fun, that stinks!