Alone in a Crowd

Matthew 28:20b "... And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

There are times in all our lives we feel alone. I have discovered a few things that really help overcome those feelings.

1) Don't be ALONE- Allow good close friends and family to share in your victories and defeats. It's a crazy thing, but the more we "feel alone" the more we want (so we think) to be alone. Feelings are fickle and should not be what we use to guide our steps.

2) THINK positive - Regardless of what some negative people say; our thoughts do make a huge difference in our mood. Paul tells us in Philippians 4 to "think on things that are true ... good..." And Proverbs tells us that a "... merry heart is like a medicine..."

3) TALK positive - Going alone with the thought above; what we TALK about, often becomes what we THINK about ... and our words to others, about others and about ourselves are crucial to our well being.

4) KNOW that God is with you - This is one of the biggest forgotten themes of the whole Christmas Story ... God came to earth to be WITH US ... we are NOT ALONE.

5) TRUST that God is working on your behalf - Many times loneliness comes as a result of feeling hopeless, or helpless ... which comes as a result of hard times. I have spoken to more people in the last year experiencing these feelings than ever before in my 20 years of ministry. But we must all have FAITH in God's ability to work in and through us in difficult times.

6) PRAY - this should be #1, and understood as the first thing we should do when feeling anything other than great ... God is a God who listens, cares and does act. Talk to Him!

Also, just know that you are a person that God loves, and He created you for a purpose!