Moving to Prairie Village

To lead people to a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ

On Sunday, January 3rd, 2010 Mercy Church will celebrate it's 7th Year as a church community; and during that time we have not moved more than across the parking lot of one school into another school next door. But, on Sunday, February 7th of 2010 we will be moving (re-locating) to another location in Johnson County that will better facilitate the vision and mission of Mercy Church and put us in an area that is in need of a church like Mercy Church ... and not to mention an area that is not overly saturated with churches on every corner.

On one side it's really not a big move since we are staying in the same county (Johnson County), but it is a big move for us since we've never moved more than a couple hundred feet and we are actually leaving the city of Olathe.

If you are a part of the Mercy Church community I would highly recommend you attend our service on Sunday, January 10 - 10AM to hear all the juicy details of WHERE, WHEN, WHAT, and WHY. You never know, we may be coming to your neighborhood.

The decision to move Mercy Church to another area has actually been rolling around in our hearts since early 2009, and we've sat on it for a while to really make sure it was God leading us.

Lesson to learn here as it relates to KNOWING God's Will for your life: When it's God today, it will be God tomorrow. Meaning, He won't change His mind from minute to minute and say, "nah I change my mind, I know I said to do this a minute ago, but let's do this instead..." God is not finicky, flaky, or confused. This is why we sat on it so long ... we wanted to make sure it was God, not just us ... and if it wasn't God it would fade from our minds. I have also learned that where God guides He provides... and there are some wonderful opportunities that this move is affording to Mercy Church that I am not at liberty to share at this time.

Side Note: This is a good practice for purchasing things; what I like to call the 24 HOUR RULE or even better the ONE WEEK RULE. This means no impulse buys! If you think you really want an item, sit on that idea for a while and see if you still want it in a week. Often what happens is you end up not wanting it after a few days.

Yet one more thing we looked at was the Bible (the best source for direction in life!) We searched scriptures for answers and we saw God MOVING His people on several occasions to a land that He had prepared for them.