Change is Coming

I love fall for so many reasons; one is that you see so many things changing ... the leaves on the trees, the grass, the temperature, store decor and so on.

I have always been a person who welcomes change, but as I reflect on the last 7 years here at Mercy Church, where I serve as senior pastor, I've played it very safe ... too safe, if I am honest. In our short 7 year history we have been meeting in the same location here in Olathe (we did move after our first year across the parking lot to the high school to better facilitate our growth at that time) but other than that the only sizable change was a name change back in late 2008 which was a much needed change to have our name more reflective of who we were as a church rather than the city we held our services in. I personally didn't see this as a real big change ... it wasn't like we were a 100 year old established church with a real established history in the community and an expensive church sign to re-do, we were (are) a mobile church with only 6 years under our belt and a wrong name (not to mention that there are 12 other churches within a few miles of us with a similar name.)

We, like any other progressive church in America, have also made minor changes here and there in an attempt to improve our services and leadership ... but this isn't any different than what any organization would do in trying to fulfill the company vision and purpose for existing. We are no different!

I have been having many one on one conversations with members, regular attenders and leaders here at Mercy about where do we go from here ... God's plan, God's vision ... where is God leading ... what is God doing, saying ... where is God leading us. I am asking God many questions these days to get a clear answer for our future.

I like many of you reading this want your church to be effective in reaching the lost, and making disciples of those already found ... we all want to be a part of a church that is doing it's part in fulfilling the great commission. I am sure you understand that each church has a particular role to play in the great commission ... the question is WHAT IS YOUR part and ARE YOU DOING IT? And if not, then there MUST BE CHANGE! Somewhere, somehow! You must shake it up!

Here is what I know: If you keep doing what you've always done, where you've always done it, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten (a Timmy original quote - lol!)

So for all of you reading this, if you want 2010 to be different than 2009, then change some things and see what happens! Don't dare stay the same ... if I am honest, that would be stupid!

God bless you as you search for God's next step for you!