Pumpkin Spice & All Things Nice

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

I truly wish you the best this season has to offer ... here are a few things I have learned about HOW TO ENJOY this time of year:

1) Actually Take Off - on Thanksgiving shut the lap top, cell phone, blackberry, or any other device you have that may distract you from your friends and family! PS, that means DON'T GET ON facebook either!

2) Forget About Work - If you are one of those lucky people who work retail, and black Friday is your big day ... don't even think about it till you wake up on Friday.

3) Give Yourself to Your Family
- if you are married, then give yourself to your spouse (not just in that way guys! There are other ways to "give yourself to your spouse" ... but nice try!) If you are single, give yourself to your parents ... if you are the parent ... give yourself to your kids ... and finally if you are spending Thanksgiving with friends ... give yourself to them and deepening your friendship!

4) Make God A Priority - We sometimes we wonder why this season is so awesome? It's because of Jesus ... remember Him!

5) And finally, Let Your Hair Down (if you have any ...lol!) - Just have fun ... be crazy, laugh, drink (Vitamin Water of course!), frolic, tell jokes, make up jokes, be goofy, eat, be merry, make a snow angel in your boxers only (j/k!) ...