Helping husbands

Husbands, I don't want to burst your bubble but, housework is not the wife's job! Now of course if she is a stay-at-home-mom, okay yes, she would be the primary caretaker of the home, just as you are the primary income earner. Though let's be honest here guys ... you couldn't do what you do without her!


Are husbands sharing the household chores with their wives? Research shows that married men are not pitching in.

Husbands create extra work for wives. A University of Michigan study reports having a husband creates an extra seven hours a week of housework for a woman. On the other hand, a wife spares her husband from nearly one hour of housework each week. So, the man gets the better deal no matter what.

I am not dogging husbands here; but especially if the wife is working outside the home we husbands should help with the household duties. I am not perfect here, but I mop, clean bathroom, do dishes and YES I PUT MY DIRTY CLOTHES IN THE DIRTY CLOTHES HAMPER! I've got two good arms!


1) Have a talk about household chores - list ALL the duties, divide them up "his job", "her job", make sure you both agree, then do it! Remember marriage is a TEAM EFFORT!

2) If you see something needs to be done guys, do it! Don't think or act like, "that's her job."

3) No nagging! Guys hate being nagged ... just tell us what you would like us to do ... don't withhold sex to try and teach us a lesson ... communicate!

4)Husbands, show appreciation for all her work around the house - a little Thank You would go a long way! Don't be a ungrateful jerk! I would recommend not only giving verbal "thanks" but also cards, notes, flowers, you call and say babe I've got dinner tonight ... (make sure to call her early enough in the day so she doesn't start it and your phone call actually upsets her cause it's 6pm and she's already pre-pared dinner)

On of the funniest lines from a movie I've ever heard was from the kid's movie Barnyard when some dude asks Otis (the cow) to help him do something and he says, "Sorry dude, I'm a no-helpian ..."

Don't be like Otis guys!


I will close with this: When we (guys) do household chores ... it's a huge turn on for our wives (not saying you should do it for selfish reasons...) I am just saying ... nothing says I LOVE YOU more than a guy vacuuming the living room or loading a dish washer. Lol!