One Nation Far From God

I am so very thankful to live in a nation that allows for Freedom of Religion! I am glad that I do not have to fear for my life, or for the lives of the congregation I serve because of our faith in God. But as I look around I see something in our culture that grieves me deeply. I see a real nonchalant attitude towards God. There's this prevailing attitude that says I will do-whatever-the-hell-I-want and still claim to be a committed Christ follower. And believe me, I am no judge! That is not the point of this blog-entry. And I am not going to "list a bunch of sins" that we must stop doing in order to "get close to God" ... it's really not about that! Because to just "stop sinning" or to give "money" is NOT the way we get closer to God despite what some fundamental TV idiot preacher tells you. What they ought to do is sell their $20,000 Gold Rolex Watch and their $1,500 diamond studded cuff-links and give it to the poor! (sorry, I have a real issue with their false gospel message that is polluting the minds of so many people) back to topic...

I just wonder if we are deceiving ourselves ... and have become One Nation Far From God? Has our freedom to do or not do allowed us to drift from a consecrated life before God? Or have we traded the top spot, reserved for God, with whatever the heck we feel is more important, or whatever gives us more of a feeling of right-now-satisfaction ... which only leaves us feeling empty and purposeless?

These days I feel much like what the prophets of the Old Testament must have felt when they were constantly preaching to God's people to FOLLOW GOD WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART ... to no avail.(obviously, this is not true of everyone ... some people are truly hungry for more of God, and are giving themselves fully to God's plan and purpose ... and for that I am thankful)

Again, I am no judge! Trust me! I just see so many people who are hungry, hurting, broken and lonely in our nation ... and looking for fulfillment in everything other than a meaningful relationship with God. Sports become our God, our kids become our God, our spouse becomes our God, our job becomes our God, fun becomes our God, busyness has become our God ... and the one true God of the universe gets lost in our crowded lives... of course only until our lives hit some turbulence then we turn to God for His help... we are all guilty.

Q: So, Timmy where does a meaningful relationship with God begin?

A: I know that being in church doesn't mean you are any closer to God then shaving your head and walking around wearing an orange toga does... but it's a start (going to church that is, not wearing an orange toga - lol!). Like I have said to many young singles, "your odds for finding a nice Christian boy/girl go up looking in a church rather than a nightclub!" Nothing wrong with going to nightclubs (I go with my wife on occasion, but I go to church more often)... if I was looking for a life-long mate with a moral compass ... I wouldn't be looking in a nightclub ... now once I found one we may go to a nightclub and dance till the cows go home (not sure what that means ... but it sounded good to say), but I would start by looking in a church first!

The purpose of this blog entry is to do nothing else but stir your heart and get you to turn your affections back to God, so that we as a nation can truly be ONE Nation Under God... we the people make up a nation ... let's get ourselves UNDER GOD first!

God help us all to to draw near to you!