Warning Signs

I am not sure about your life, but in my life I have typically always had "Warning Signs" that helped to protect me - Of course they only protected me WHEN I WAS OBEDIENT! Hello!

For example the sign above is saying that you are likely to get stung if you go into these waters. So when someone comes out of the water screaming in pain we can (lovingly say) "you read the sign you numb-nut ... you knew what was coming and you went in anyway... hello!" Right? And if we were the warning we say, "I told you so!"

I think many times (not always, sometimes we are blindsided) this is the way life is ... constantly giving us warning signs, and as a Christian I am convinced that God is the author of those warning signs to help lead and guide us through this life.

Warning Signs Come in 6 Ways

1) Word of God (there are many things in the good book that if we would only live by would save us from so much heartache and pain)

2) Prayer (asking for God's guidance is so important ... then listening to His voice)

3) Good Friends (Must be real careful here, not all friends are "good" for advice! Just because someone is around doesn't mean you should seek their counsel)

4) Pastoral Guidance (this doesn't mean that you seek your pastors thoughts for every little thing ... but your pastor may just be a great sounding board when considering something, especially something major)

5)Spouse (I don't do anything without consulting with Jana ... and if she feels a NO, then it's a NO for me too ... you would be wise to listen to me on this one)

6) Your Own Heart
(have you ever done something because you wanted to do it so bad, and you knew the whole time you shouldn't? We've all done this! And then we later regret it ... so why not listen to your own heart and follow! Many times this takes quieting yourself so you can listen and get clear on it ... but worth it)

I've seen many people through the years destroy their life all because they wouldn't "Listen and Obey" to the many Warning Signs that God, Friends, Pastors, their own hearts were giving them! Just like the little illustration I gave at the start of this blog entry; the person shouldn't be surprised he was stung, he saw the sign and should have heeded it's instructions.

Now let me speak to you the reader: What warning signs are posted on your road of life? Are you obeying? Or do you think you'll skate by without getting stung? Just a warning from me A PASTOR... you WILL BE STUNG! Sins pay wages! Every time! This is one reason I teach and preach with such passion and will do it til the day I die ... to help people read and heed the signs!

And here's the deal ... I don't want to hear your lame excuses about how painful the sting is ... you knew it going into the water... you made the choice ... now you suffer the consequences.

Please read your Warning Signs!