Did Jesus Change Your Life?

I do hope that on this particular blog entry I get a bunch of comments! (hint, hint)

I was recently thinking about how my life has changed, and how different I am because of my relationship with Christ; how my life has been so influenced (in a good way) by Christ. But what bothers me, or is at least disconcerting is how so many people's lives aren't better.

Before you get upset with me, let me explain: I see people who have done a 180 if you will ... leaving a life of crime, drug use, hurting people, lies, etc. etc. and when they encounter this Jesus that I serve and follow they become better people, better in every way. Then on the other hand there are people right in the church, who claim to love this same Jesus I love, but they are unaffected by their relationship with Him. Why? How? I do not know all the answers why this is, but I would like to take a peek in the window and give a thought or two.

Colossians 3:16 "Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God."

The key word there I believe is the word LET ... we are to LET the words of Christ DWELL in us, or one translation uses the word LIVE ... let the words of Christ LIVE in you. I know this to be at least one key element ... along with others.

If I am honest it really bothers me that I know way too many mean, ugly (I don't mean physically unattractive) Christians. I know Christians who have glow in the dark personality disorders and they hurt people all the time, yet they continue to be UNCHANGED by this Jesus I love and serve. Why? How? I know Christians who cheat on their spouses, lie to their kids, lie to their friends ... why? How can this be?

How has my relationship with Christ kept me from so many destructive things (I am far from perfect ... but you understand what I am saying I hope)? How is it that a relationship with Christ compels so many to live a better life, a life of honor, honesty and love for mankind ... and with so many others it doesn't seem to help them?

I do feel this is a mole, or a flaw on the face of Christianity though ... so many people claim to be Christians and when someone sees them doing things that are contrary to what they claim to believe in ... it's confusing.

What about you; how has your relationship with Christ changed you? Helped you? Influenced you? Encouraged you?