If I wasn't a Christian

I normally don't struggle over what to entitle my blog entries ... but for this one I struggled to not only come up with a title, but trying to find a picture the summarized that content ... crazy hard!

Here is the long title: I am a better person because of Jesus Christ, hands down!

If I wasn't a Christian ... I would be a mess!

For you skeptics out there; no, I probably wouldn't be a drug addict, or be living on the street, but I for sure wouldn't be here doing what I am doing today! That's easy! So by saying that, "I am a better person ..." doesn't mean that I am in anyway "better" than anyone else! I am just "better" than what I would have been, had it not been for Jesus.

If I wasn't a Christian...

...I would cheat
...I would steal
...I would lie
...I would hate
...I would do whatever I feel like doing

And truthfully I think if I wasn't a Christian I would be a pretty decent guy ... I mean I wouldn't kill anyone ... but I wouldn't be the person I am today!

So when people don't see the reason, or the benefit, or the advantages of living a Christian life, they simple don't know Jesus.

Because of Jesus ...

...I am a much better husband
...I am a much better father
...I am a much better citizen
...I am a much person all the way around

If it wasn't for my relationship with Jesus, trust me, I would be living a much different life! I know this because EVEN with Jesus in my life I still mess up and do things I must say sorry for ... but because of Jesus there is a bridle, or a restraint, or a moral compass that guides me ... without that I would be wild, a person with no-restraints, doing what I want, when I want, how I want ...!

Thank God for Jesus! Seriously! If you do not know Him, you are really missing out on a MUCH BETTER life!