Shark Attack

We nearly lost Vandon to a HUGE great white Shark ... I was able to get a quick picture before I rescued him.

Actually, we haven't even seen a shark yet (yes, we usually do). We hope we get to see a shark feeding, just not on a person, of course! Unless they are mean. J/K!

Not much to report to you since we just got here, but as the days pass I will share some highlights with you here on my blog.

So far Vandon and Shaeylea have ridden some big waves ... especially today since there was a storm that moved in kicking up the waves a bit. I nearly lost my shorts when a big wave hit me (I didn't have my suit tied up) ... I learned my lesson ... TIE YOUR SUIT!

I must say that I do love the sound of the ocean (the sound I sleep too most every night) ... there is nothing like the real thing.