So, I'm 40

I just recently turned 40 years old. The funny thing is when I was a 20 year old I thought people who were 40 were old; I no longer think that!

I have had people ask me if turning 40 was hard; honestly, it wasn't. I guess it could be because I do not look, feel or even act 40 - thank God! But I am approaching the midway point of life ... for me I think 50 is midway, so I have some time.

I think another contributor to being okay with 40 is that I am doing exactly what I want to do, not saying that I have done all I want to do in life, or that I am even close to accomplishing all that I want to accomplish ... but I am on the right PATH. I am also very happy with my marriage (I've got a wonderful wife)... this is probably more of a factor than I am aware. "There is nothing worse than a bad marriage" my mom always told me!

Oh, of course there are disappointments in my life, even some regrets, things I'd like to change, but who doesn't have them? But I do not dwell on those, and allow them to get me down (at least I try not to ... sometimes I fail and let them get to me).

I guess the key, or at least one key, to a happy fulfilled life is simply doing what you love with who you love and keep doing that everyday for the rest of your life.

To all my friends who are 40 ... are you on the right path? If not, I would highly suggest you get on it asap so the rest of your life is taking you just where you really want to go!

Happy midlife crisis!