A Happy Marriage

I have been working with couples for 15 years and I think I see a common denominator to why couples struggle; expectations!

Either one, or the other or both have:

1) Unrealistic expectations.
(i.e. we are going to have sex everyday and it will be just like the movies)

2) Un-met expectations. (i.e. he will be romantic and sweet after we are married because that is what he was like while we were dating)

Both of these issues can be resolved with open and honest communication. Also there must be understanding, compromise, and love present in order for the marriage to be healthy, happy and fulfilling.

A marriage isn’t about just “getting your way all the time” … it’s about sharing and caring and giving. Our culture promotes selfishness, greed, and hatred which are all marriage killers.

Here is the key to a life-long happy fulfilling marriage … seriously if you and your spouse can agree to this, then you will be so happy you won’t even know what to do with yourself … you ready to hear it?

Love your spouse, serve them and give to them selflessly everyday … make it your job to make them the happiest most loved person on the planet!

Now, let’s be honest – that’s easier said then done, and we are talking about 2 people here … both must participate! Also, having a healthy self-image is very important too!

I wish you love!