The Bridge

I was recently asked, “How can a loving God send anyone to Hell?”

Great question! First, I must say that I am answering this based upon limited personal human knowledge. But this is how I understand scripture. Let me explain it like this; if I built a bridge that connected California to Hawaii (I know, I know … just work with me here) and it’s the only bridge that takes a person from California to Hawaii and I built it because I love people. Now, there are many bridges, but only one that leads to Hawaii, which is where I want to go.

And as the builder of the bridge I write (and or inspire others to write) a book, a manual of sorts with all the necessary details about the bridges history, how it was built, stories that further illustrate the bridges importance, the sacrifices made in building it, people experiences with me while building the bridge, and peoples experience using the bridge, etc. And this book was written by several of the people who were a part of the making of this bridge, people who were eyewitnesses of it construction … people who knew the story. And that book went around the world and was translated into many languages so that the world knew that there was this bridge, the only one of its kind, leading people from California to Hawaii. A story that told you how loving I was, and why I built the bridge and how I longed for you to find the bridge and use it to get to Hawaii.

Now, some people have tried to deny the bridges existence, but if you ask them if they’ve seen it, of course they haven’t … they’ve seen pictures, but “they could be fakes”, they say. Others haven’t seen the bridge either, but choose to believe it’s there because of concrete evidence.

There have been many people who have used the bridge … but there are no phones on the other side, so once you cross over you can’t call back to confirm. But when you cross over you meet the ME, the builder of the bridge, and I welcome you and say aren’t you glad you found the bridge. And I explain to you that I built this bridge for EVERYONE to use! But unfortunately some people just refuse, saying they want to do it themselves, or that they’ve heard there are many bridges … but again, unfortunately, I am the only one qualified to build this bridge and if you want to go from California to Hawaii this is it. And the bridge is FREE! There is no fee, no toll, no tax … it’s a FREE gift pass.

There are holes in this analogy, I know … but can you see that even logically when we think of it like that you can see that God sent Jesus to pay the price for our sins, and to give us eternal life. He is the only one who has done that … and He did it for you and for me. Now you have a choice whether to believe that or reject that … it’s your choice. As builder of the bridge I do not turn anyone away from the bridge, actually I have done everything in my power to get everyone to take its path. But again, the choice is yours! I beg you, chose the bridge Jesus Christ!