The News Sensationalizes Marriage Series

I laughed when I saw the various news agencies reporting on our “It’s a Wonderful Marriage” series here at Mercy Church. I guess a marriage series isn’t news worthy, but you mention the word “sex” and all of a sudden it gets attention. “Woman in the City” just doesn’t turn your head, but call it “Sex in the City” and wham; you’ve got a hit series!

That’s okay honestly, because most people are pretty smart and realize that the news is only giving you PART of the story … they don’t have time to give you the whole picture, just the picture that makes for interesting news.

What makes me laugh even harder is the rumors … like we have been deemed the “sex church”, the “Hanky Panky Church”, the “Sex Toy church” and my personal favorite, the “Masturbation Church”.

The series is 99% about building a lasting, meaningful and fulfilling marriage, and 1% of that is “sex talk”, and that is what gets reported! Lol! Oh well!

If you are reading this PLEASE refer people to listen to the Marriage Series on our web site or on iTunes, just search “Mercy Church KC”.

The “Hanky Panky Church” … now that would be an interesting name for a church … I guess the logo would be what? Use your imagination! Now that is funny!

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