Trust vs. Suspicion

In my 20 years of ministry I have learned many valuable lessons and one of the big ones is that I have 2 choices when it comes to my attitude towards leadership with whom I serve; I either trust them, or I am suspicious of them.

Isn’t this true even at your job? You can either trust your boss or be suspicious of her. You can either support her, or undermine her with your words to others in the company.

I was told a story about a woman a few years ago that gave me a certain “perception” of her. I was told she cheated on her husband; she stole money and so on. So when I met her face to face I looked at her and felt toward her a certain way UNTIL I heard her side of the story … then my eyes were open to the truth, not just a perception (which was a distortion of the truth) that had been formulated in my mind by the words of others. This is exactly what Satan did to Eve in the Garden when he said… “did God say …” he was planting doubt in her mind … to get her to be suspicious of God … to crack at her trust in God … and look where that got her and Adam.

All that said I encourage you who work with many people to be a person who fully trusts co-workers and or your boss until you are given a factual reason to be suspicious. And by “factual” I mean you have heard it from the horses mouth or have seen it with your own eyes … not a he said she said type deal … that is called gossip! And gossip is very very dangerous to relationships!

And let’s be real here … if you are suspicious of someone at work, go talk to them directly and tell them your concerns (this would be the Biblical approach) and see if your perception doesn’t completely change.

Good day!