The Hanky Panky Challenge

I was going to wait to issue the “hanky panky challenge” live at our church on Sunday, February 1st for the kick off our new series – It’s a Wonderful Marriage, but due to the media attention we have been receiving I felt I better get this out to you now.

The challenge is for married couples to engage in Hanky Panky everyday for the entire month of February. Now, I looked up the definition of “hanky panky” and it was not the definition I was hoping for … so I thought I should clarify what we mean by hanky panky.


For the guys it means one thing, and for the girls it may mean yet another … so let this be your guide … we are encouraging couples to take the month of February to focus on their marriage by creating moments of intentional intimacy “hanky panky” with each another everyday. Making time to connect, whether that is pure sexual intimacy (intercourse) which most dudes are probably hoping for – you are welcome guys!, or lots of kissing, touching, tickling, loving massages, foot rubs, taking a bath together, washing each others hair, pillow talk, praying together (for each other and your family), read the Song of Songs, try reading a romantic book together, watch Dr. Phil – sorry, just kidding … watching a romantic movie (not Texas Chainsaw), cooking dinner together, talking a walk together, write a meaningful note to one another and read aloud, go on a romantic date … basically go back to what you did when you first met and fell so madly in love with each other!

Side note here; many times this is what I see failing in marriages … everything that I have mentioned above many times stops after a year of marriage sadly. Simply, we take each other for granted, we are too busy (or we feel we are too busy). Yet when I talk to couples about their schedule I see that there are many many opportunities in their “busy schedule” for intimacy, but it’s filled up with TV, Sports, Hobbies, Kids stuff (nothing wrong with that, but honestly how many activities do your kids really need to be in? I mean seriously! Is it worth losing your marriage over? Not a win for your kids!)

I will blog more … I just had to rush to get something up here so if you heard something on TV or Radio you’ll know what it is all about!

Happy Hanky Panky!