Church in a School

We’ve been doing church in a school for 6 years now and though there are obvious challenges to not having our own place to worship ... there are many positives as well.

1) We have no large “facility mortgage payment”, that can strain a young congregation. (Not just young in age of the people attending, but young in years the church has been around).

2) There is a clear message communicated that “the church” isn’t a “building”, it’s the people. (If you have a building with a steeple but have no people, what do you have? A building with a spear looking thing-e sticking out of it … but it’s not a church … it’s a building.)

Mathew 16:18b Jesus said, “…I will build my church…”

Jesus wasn’t referring to piling bricks on top of each other; He was referring to building people!

3) People who are coming to Mercy Church are not coming because of a cool building (obviously), which would be a shallow reason to attend church if you ask me. (Now this statement shouldn’t surprise you since we don’t have a “cool” building that is attracting people and someday we will (God willing) but until then what we have to attract people is the unadulterated message of hope through Jesus Christ.)

This blog is for all the people who attend “churches without a building” … don’t get hung up on “a building”, Jesus didn’t, the disciples didn’t, the early church didn’t … focus on the church … which is the people who gather together to worship and grow in their faith!