New Year Plan

I know, I know, everyone this time of year says, "Set your goals for 2009 - ya da ya da" well I am here to say, "set some goals for 2009!" ha!

Seriously though, I am a firm believer in making a plan and then working the plan. So here is my two cents:

1) Take a few hours between now and January 1st to THINK about what you would like to see happen in 2009 in regards to the main areas of your life; Marriage, Children, Health, Career, Friends, School, Family, Destiny, and the most important GOD.

2) WRITE out what you want in each area.

3) Make a simple PLAN to accomplish the "wants" - with easy steps.

4) SHARE with friend for help and accountability.

5) LOOK at it regulary to stay on course.

6) Work it baby!

Example: Let's say your Goal/Desire is to have a closer relationship with Christ. WRITE that down, then add what that may look like for you ... then the PLAN would be to attend Mercy Church every Sunday that you are in town, join a life group or volunteer on a Sunday service team, read the Bible every day, pray every day, pick up a good devotional, or Bible study book to read. Tell a friend about this (obviously someone with the same goal so they will encourage you not discourage you. Make sure to LOOK at the goal to keep it fresh in your heart!

I am firmly convinced that to have a healthy balanced Christian life you MUST be a part of a local church community!

Happy New Year! May it be your best one ever!