Depression pt 2

Many times (most the time) we live our life according to our feelings; if we “feel” mad, we act mad, if we feel “hated” we act hated, if we feel “loved” we act loved, if we feel “successful” we act successful, if we feel like a failure” we act like a failure, if we feel “happy” we act happy … etc. You get the point. So we typically just go with our feelings … “feelings” dictate how we feel (of course) and how we act … in other words - we are what we feel.

I have learned an interesting thing not only from personal experience, but from many other resources through the years … and that is this; “Feelings follow action”.

The one Guru on this teaching that I am familiar with is Tony Robbins. Now, before you roll your eyes and think, “here goes some mumbo jumbo self-help stuff” he is just one of many people who teach this principle, but I like him because he is a Christian and not some New Age-ish weirdo spiritualist type dude who says to “draw from deep within your spirit self and ignite the inner you to connect to the spirit of the love god who floats around playing the harp… ya day a da”.

I’ve read and listened to most all Tony’s stuff and frankly it’s been a real blessing to me and my emotional life. Now I of course filter this through the lens of scripture for balance.

So here is my recommendation if you or someone you know is facing Depression:

1) Attend Church every Sunday!
2) Connect with others!
3) Read the Bible every single day!
4) Pray everyday!
5) *Get and go through some Tony Robbins books and CD’s.

*No I was not paid by Tony Robbins to say any of this … though he should throw something my way for as many people I have turned on to his books!

And finally can I just say, obviously I believe that GOD is the answer … but can we just be honest here? It’s takes more than just being a Christian to be healthy emotionally and spiritually and physically! I know and have known MANY Depressed Christians!