I normally stay clear of the political conversations just because people get their underwear in knots over it. They say, “The two things you should never talk about in public are Politics and Religion”. Well I am a pastor so I talk about religion all the time, and I am asked about politics often and usually refrain from sharing. But today I will share just enough to hopefully get you to seek out the information you need to make a good decision on Election Day.

First I want to make a couple things really clear:

1) There is no such thing as a “Christian Political Party”! I have heard people refer to “this party or that party” as being the “Christian party” and I am sorry but that is absolutely ridiculous!

2) There is more than one issue out there! Some "Christians" feel there is only ONE issue. They are mistaken.

3) I have met some Christ-loving, Christ-serving Republicans, AND some Christ-loving, Christ-serving Democrats!

The one (of many) things I love about Mercy Church is that we are probably 50% Democrat and 50% Republican (or close to it, maybe 60 – 40). Either way, typically (if I can just be honest here) churches are full of Republican voting people only (at least that has been my experience), and I think it says a lot about the people who find our church meaningful to have variety.

I recently had a conversation with a God loving, God fearing, Mercy Church member about abortion. He is Pro-choice (not pro-abortion, just pro-choice) and I am Pro-life, though I understand and see both sides of the issue and with-hold any judgment from those who differ. He expressed to me that it was refreshing to have a conversation with his pastor about such a topic and have a different view and not feel hated, condemned and judged for it.

That said … I so desire for people (especially Christ followers) to be able to have civil conversations with people with differing political views without wigging out! And of course it’s okay the secretly feel (or know) that “they” (anyone who doesn't share your correct views) are crazy … lol! Just let them be crazy!

What do you think?