Have you heard the famous phrase, “When Pigs Fly”? I am pretty sure we are all familiar with that phrase which means that something is impossible.

I am usually not a person who believes in impossibilities. I have always held that “all things are possible to him that believes” but over the last few years I have come to understand that some things are just impossible.

And here is one of them; It’s is impossible to really to reach your full redemptive potential (to reach spiritual maturity) with out being in community.

What does that mean?

“Iron sharpens iron”, which is a statement referring to people sharpening people, but if you do not interact with “other people” then you are going to be dull (less then your best). Let me take it a step further, because I can hear people say, “I do interact with people”… maybe you do, but do you interact with people in a spiritual community?

I would get better at Tennis by and really only by hanging out with other Tennis players, and even preferably Tennis players with skills that exceed mine. I believe it is the same spiritually … you cant be a mature LONER Christian. You can be a loner, and you can be a loner Christian, but you can not be a Mature Loner Christian … impossible.

So, there you go, my opinion on one reason a Church Community is so vital to all of our spiritual lives … and a step deeper is to be involved in a small group of sorts to even go deeper.

But it’s your life, you must decide what you want spiritually, and how far you are willing to go to achieve your desires.