Confessions of a Pastor 3 of 10

Confession: Crazy things happen at our house too!

So this morning Jana comes to me and says, “Timmy can you check the breaker for the frig, it’s not working…” So, I run down to flip the breaker … all seems fine to me. I come back up stairs to see that the frig is still off. “Crazy” I think, “it’s only a few years old, how could it just stop working?” I begin to pull the frig away from the wall to make sure it’s plugged in … and as I am pulling it out a little furry creature comes crawling out twitching his nose. And I am thinking, “oh great Mr. Snuggles (Hamster’s name) has chewed the plug … or something underneath …” but then I think, “wait, how is he still alive if that's the case…?”

Sure enough the plug wire has been chewed and is exposed and sparking on the copper water supply tube … it’s a near disaster waiting to happen … its red hot … burning … “dear Lord” I think, “this could have been really bad … this could have started a fire and burned our house down … yikes”. Needless to say we could’ve had Fried Hamster for breakfast as well … we are still trying to figure out how Mr. Snuggles is still alive honestly! Either he had 120 volts of electricity shoot through him, killing him and Jesus raised him from the dead or Hamsters are immune to electric shock? I don’t know, but I’ve touched a bare live wire before and it shot a jolt of tingles through me that made my joints ache… wow!

All that said, we were thanking God that Mr. Snuggles didn’t go on to Heaven, and that our house didn’t catch fire and burn to the ground this morning.