Everything Happens for a Reason 2 of 3

Ephesians 5:17 “Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.”

I think sometimes we complicate God’s will, please understand I would not be ignorant enough to think we can fully understand God in all His greatness, BUT I do believe that God has made some things fairly clear in the Bible about Him and His will (found in the person of Jesus Christ) I think the real issue is just our obedience or lack thereof. I know we do not like to hear that … “personal responsibility” … we loathe taking responsibility for our decisions, we’d rather blame others… and God is typically the “other person” we blame, unfortunately.

Here is what I have learned in my studies about God’s will… this is simply a way that has help me to make sense of it … 3 parts to His will:

1.) The intentional Will of God - God’s ideal plan for man
2.) The circumstantial Will of God - God’s plan within certain circumstances

3.) The ultimate Will of God - God’s final realization of His purposes

Here is my best attempt at making this practical:

My Intentional/Ultimate Will for my daughter is that one day she find true love, get married, then have children. Let’s say she gets pregnant at 16 … now what? Now my Circumstantial Will is that the young man who is responsible dies a terrible slow death… lol … Seriously, now my will has changed as a result of her choice… Now I want her to “have a healthy baby at 16, and be a wonderful mother” … AND BE HAPPY ABOUT IT!

Do you see how because of her choice my will now must work within the circumstances given?
Just as it is with us, being made in the image of God, I believe it is with God as well! Because we HAVE FREE WILL … we make our own choices, which is great, but it is also what gets us in trouble.