Crowded Out 1 of 6

When I think about what really matters in life there is no doubt that God would be the first on the list of “most important things”. After that would be family, then career and so on … though when we compare those things on “the list” with what is actually happening in our lives (or what is getting our time and energy) it’s amiss. I mean we say, “God is the most important thing (person) in my life” and yet He is the first to get crowded out of our lives.

I see this as a pastor of even a wonderful church community. God get’s crowded out by anything and everything. And it’s easy to do … it’s easy to say, “Sunday is the only day I get to relax” and so we skip church. But at the expense of what? What are we teaching our kids?

Believe me, I understand! I really do, though as a pastor I have a responsibility to help people stay focused on what is most important – God; and helping people foster that relationship by keeping it fresh and on top of the list!

My challenge to you is to evaluate your life and see if anything is crowding God out, and if so change it. Don't wait and then have regrets later! Live a life with little or no regrets!

Joshua 24:15 "Choose you this day who you will serve … as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"

I believe to truly have “God” at the top of our list means the following things: